The effort to develop programming skills and software development capacity though Python is being spearheaded by local groups, individuals and initiatives working at grassroots level across Africa.

Their efforts have been supported by a multitude of organisations and companies, all of whom have been warmly appreciated for their contributions. Some however deserve special mention for their consistent and long-term involvement in supporting the development of African Python communities.

Cardiff University Phoenix Project

The Phoenix Project helped start and sustain Namibia's Python community and its PyCon, which in turn led directly to PyCons in Zimbabwe and Nigeria. 

Python Software Foundation

The Python Software Foundation has nurtured African Python communities right across the continent for several years, particularly through the sponsorship of events and conferences.

Django Software Foundation

The Django Software Foundation has supported multiple conferences and dozens of Django Girls events.


GitHub has support multiple African PyCons, providing sponsorship and sending GitHub team members to the events as speakers and workshop leaders.


Since 2015, Divio has generously dedicated staff time to the development of Namibia's Python community and events.